Diversity & Inclusion

DEI Executive Masterclass (USA & Canada)

Our Inclusion In leadership (IIL) program is specifically designed to help corporate entities, NGO’s and organisations tackle head-on, the challenge of designing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives within their workforces.

The challenge in developing and implementing a successful DEI program is in setting realistic, measurable, and actionable goals for the program from the outset.

While many private sector organizations around the world have pledged their support for a more diverse and inclusive workforce and, in some instances, have created leadership positions to oversee DEI initiatives; They are yet to implement a top-down review, assessment of the full DEI opportunity or even develop a turnkey DEI program strategy within their respective organizations.

We base our comprehensive DEI program strategy on the over 80 years of combined professional hands-on experience that our partners, working in large scale private sector organizations around the world have obtained and put to work, honing their business and leadership skills, along with hands-on work DEI leadership experience in leading diverse workforce teams and implementing consumer-facing initiatives.

On successful completion of the course, it is expected the participant will:
1. Understand the opportunity and pay-off for a DEI initiative within their organization, beginning in 2021
and beyond
2. Begin the development of an internal plan to deploy a successful DEI strategy within their respective
organizations; one that moves beyond the promises and rhetoric of DEI inclusion.
3. Understand the importance of program success criteria, benchmarking, establishing program milestones
and metrics to sustain and grow a profitable/productive inclusive environment
4. Recognize the role of an effective DEI program initiative in an organization’s operational process.
  • DEI Online Masterclass - USA & Canada
Completion rules
  • You must complete 1.00% of the content